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For Our Future Team Members

I.e., lots of videos of Gabe answering stuff!

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What am I looking at, here?

The team and I are really excited to get to know you, as we move towards bringing in new team members. We also quickly discovered that there's no way for me to meet everyone ahead of the application date, so this video site seemed like a decent way to get everyone the information they needed to make an informed decision about whether to apply for a role with us.

Below, you'll find an intro to our product, followed by a whole bunch of videos asking questions posed during various exploratory calls with potential applicants to positions at our company.

If you'd like to apply to join our team, you can find open roles here. Looking forward to meeting you!

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An intro to our product

An intro to our product

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Question 1:  Do you use a microservice architecture?

Answer: We do not currently employ a microservice architecture. We have three major deployables: our React Native mobile client, our React web portal and our Node.js service. Our service is deployed through AWS Elastic Beanstalk as a single application. I think there is certainly an opportunity for improvement regarding isolating responsibilities and reduce deployment dependencies within our service layer. A microservice architecture is one such possible solution.

Question 2: Do you have sprints, use Scrum, and practice Agile principles?

Answer: We do not work in sprints and we do not use Scrum. However, we do practice Agile. We use a Kanban process based on a system of continuous delivery. We spec vertical slices of functionality prioritized primarily balancing customer value with development cost and risks.

Question 3: Do we only use open-source software?

Answer: We certainly use a lot of open-source software and that is often a good solution when the problems we are trying to solve are very similar to the problems that other teams face or if the challenges are of a technical nature. However, we use many paid third-party integrations to better address specific needs. Examples include Iterable, Chargebee, Auth0, Bugsnag, Kobiton, Azure DevOps, Figma, and others.

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